Books traveling around the world

How do you let your book travel with boookstory?


Choose a book. Write and share what inspired you. Add quotes or photos.


Boookstory generates an unique ID for your book. Print a sticker or write it in the book.


Release your book to travel. Give it to a friend or leave it where another book lover will find it. You can add the location on Boookstory


If someone finds your travelling book, they can use its boookstory ID to add their story with the book .

Share your story and let your book travel

At Boookstory you also can

Tell the story
you experienced with some delightful book.

Let your book travel.
Watch the journey of traveling books.

Discuss books
you are reading and find your next book to read.

Keep your online library
and manage your reading progress.

Follow other people
and join reding community.

Discover inspiring quotes and quote your favorite authors.